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e-lumen8 lighting is a leading specialist for individual lighting. Individual lighting is enriching and inspiring, but it is often associated with a high level of complexity. To control this factor, we engage in an intensive dialogue with all parties involved in the design of buildings and with the lighting design professions to discuss, learn and evolve in view of improving the visual environment.

With this objective in mind, e-lumen8 lighting has developed relationship with several leading like minded thinking European manufactures guaranteeing a high level of creative freedom in lighting design. e-lumen8 is driven by the conviction that service, quality and innovation are the keys to a successful partnership.

SCHMITZ | WILA - Individual and accurate focusable Lens Technology

alphabet focus adjustable downlight

The centrepiece of the new photometric system is the variable focusing unit. Comparable a camera lens, the unit can be infinitely varied so as to achieve various beam angles, even retroactively. In this way illumination of objects and surfaces can be designed individually and with maximum precision. Read more

SCHMITZ | WILA - Puck XT Handrail Illumination

Puck XT Handrail Illumination

Recessed Handrail illumination
Suitable for Round and Square handrails (Ø 38- 100mm) with material thickness >1.5mm
High clarity lens for different distributions and excellent efficacy
Choice of standard, asymmetric and double-sided beams
Variable system for both straight and curved lines of all radii
Stainless steel 316 marine grade
Impact resistant class IK10
Easily retrofittable
Choice of dimming and emergency options, see data sheet for options
Bluetooth enabled
Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Read more

alphabet focus Lens Wallwasher - Shadowless Accents
Light is a key element of design. The new lens wallwasher from WILA provides architects and lighting planners a broad spectrum of possibilities for customising the design of a room, deliberately bringing specific objects and structures to the fore, and creating a unique sense of space.
The alphabet focus from WILA is now also available as a lens wallwasher. The LED recessed ceiling luminaire enables an even and shadowless spread of light across vertical surfaces. It gives architects and lighting planners more scope to play around in utilising specific wall surfaces and structures to create a good space design.
Vertical illumination is of particular interest to museums. Evenly lit walls provide the perfect background for paintings and other exhibits. Irregularly lit surfaces often cause pictures to appear darker than they really are. Whether on display in a museum, an office or with your own four walls, the lens wallwasher from the alphabet focus product family allows the full vividness of colours in an artwork to come to life.
The main function of wallwashers is accentuated lighting. It can, for instance, serve to draw attention to architectural features such as materials, textures, surface areas and structural elements. Many architectural lighting designers use the “wall washing” technique, a uniform illumination of walls, in order to let a space appear brighter.
The new lens wallwasher from WILA has a further advantage – it dissapears into the ceiling. In contrast to many other luminaires in this category, a recessed wallwasher with an installation depth of just 200 mm, allowing for perfect integration in the ceiling. Another unique point of this luminaire is that the area lit starts very high on the wall.
The alphabet focus wallwasher contains two lenses: the first lens is set directly in front of the LED light source and pulls the light together; the second lens distributes the light in a targeted manner. With a colour rendition of Ra > 90 and a consistent colour temperature of 3,000 K (or 4000 K) over the course of its 50,000 hour lifespan, this wallwasher offers a high level of visual comfort.

The new Flexibility of the Line

S60 Flex The New Flexibility of the Line

Adapt light perfectly to the geometry of your building! To live up to these requirements the new, flexible linear system offers elements with different radii and linear lengths. Therefore, nearly all contours can be imitated and a wide variety of shapes can be combined individually. Even finished circles with various diameters form part of this new system. Read more

Distinct light object

S74 Circle Distinct Light Object

The light circles are available in various diameters as a complete solution and can be used as both surface mounted and pendant luminaires. They can be used as stand-alone luminaires or in conjunction with S60 Flex, which features matching forms. The opal cover provides homogeneous illumination without any dark zones. Read more

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